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Spill Control

This section features products that are all selected with one aim in mind—to protect the environment.

If used correctly, all of the absorbents featured will make the workplace a safer environment and, by stopping spills leaking into the ground water or even further, it will make the local area a cleaner environment. Most of the absorbent products featured are available in one of four grades—oil, chemical, maintenance or marine. Remember, it is important for any spill to use the appropriate absorbant product grade.

If it’s every day fluids that are being absorbed—go for maintenance. These absorbents easily cope with oils, fuels, solvents, cutting fluids, mild acids and alkalis or even food stuffs such as milk and wine; not to forget water.

What they don’t do is separate oil (or fuels) from water. For this situation use oil-only. They readily absorb all oils and fuels, but don’t touch the water; this is because they are hydrophobic (repel water).

Finally, chemical. If it’s an aggressive one that needs to be tackled, this is the grade to use as these absorb virtually everything. However, it makes sense to test on a small piece first.

We’re here to help you decide what is the right product for you and your business, so you can work safely and protect your environment.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions about spill control, these products and keeping your environment safe and clean.