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Site Safety


Thousands of construction workers are injured each year following a trip or slip while they’re at work. About 1000 of these consist of someone fracturing bones and/or dislocating joints.

Every year, simple accidents similar to these mean that people just like you have to give up working in the construction industry.

You can’t afford it, and neither can the industry. Many of these accidents could be prevented if everyone on site cooperated in making the workplace that much safer. Whatever position you’re in at work, whether it be a project manager or a general labourer, it is everyone’s concern to maintain a safe and orderly environment on the sites that you work on. The task therefore can be completed more efficiently, more easily and reduce the risk of becoming incapacitated whilst at work.


Here are some simple things that you can do to reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall incidents on your site:

  • Keep storage areas in order
  • Timed deliveries to minimise quantity of materials on site
  • Make sure footpaths are clear and safe to use
  • Make sure that all indoor and outdoor pedestrian places are kept clear of obstructions at all times
  • Ensure any loose and trailing cables are tied, hooked up out of the way, especially in corridors
  • Steps up to site cabins must be constructed properly to ensure safe entry
  • Keep work areas as tidy as possible while work is being carried out
  • Use barriers to go around or totally cover any dormant excavations or holes
  • Manage waste on site to keep it clean and clear
  • Most essentially, ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing